The studio is a purposely designed area that has a number of sectons to make this a very welcoming and friendly enviornment for your session. Unlike other studios in the area we like to make our sessions as open and greeting as possible. The areas are set out in a way that allows you to opening move area the space to entice the creative freedom in all that use it.

The studios area is arranged into three differing sections: 



The session area:

This area is a small and cosy section where all the imagry is made. A comibination of backgoudn and effects can be made here. Our vintage brick wall, seamless black grey and white backgrounds and a graffitti wall can give us a number of differing effects throuhout the session. A variety of looks can create the best experience and capture moments throughout your session.



The makeup room:

This is a new reamped area for our studio. A fully custom built area that professional and amateur artists can create looks for thier clients. This section of the studio is where beauty meets photography in the best and most creative way possible.



The consulation area:

Before every session, a consulation cantake place in my studio. This space is filled with inspirational magazines, images from previous shoots and a sofa area where clients can relax and embrace their creatvitiy. This area allows for clients and myself to have a gernal talk in a very relaxed manner, which is how I conduct all of my business. If you feel comforatble the chances are your session will be the best it can be.



The processing suite:

This section of the studio is where, during the session, we will view the images we have captured. Using my custom build computer and 40 inchh TV, we can anayse the images we have taken throughout the shoot, the differing looks and check we are getting what you are looking for. We have found that if the client sees the progression of images they are producing the likelihood of better results increases. This is why we have a processin suite, to give clients the best possible view of thier session.